Anew Start

Anew Start Rejuvenation Center

Vibration Training, Far Infrared Saunas, Detoxifying Foot Baths. We are committed to the health and vitality of our clients, offering the latest advances in total body wellness services, programs and products.

Anew Start Kelowna opened in September of 2008 under experienced physiotherapist Julie Dickson, with a vision to combine her knowledge of physiotherapy and the best health technology available. The primary focus of Anew Start is detoxification of the body and beauty from the inside out and a passion to help others achieve optimal health and wellness.

Our bodies today are under constant bombardment of toxins from the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Our programs target your body’s own immune and detoxification systems to keep you healthy and allow your body to work for you whether you’re starting from a need to detox or acting proactively.

Anew Start’s services deliver the ultimate detoxifying experience. Vibration training, infrared saunas and detoxifying foot baths can be used alone or in conjunction to renew your body.

Anew Start has recently embarked on a exciting weight loss method called Ideal Protein. It is designed to target fat loss, help maintain muscle mass and naturally supress your appetite. With the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, you will not only see quick results, but also be provided with valuable educational nutrition knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.

We invite you to join us as you begin your journey to whole-body rejuvenation. We are committed to the health, vitality and appearance of our clients and look forward to helping you every step of the way to Anew you!

Refresh, renew and rejuvenate your body!

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Vibration Training machine at anew start in Kelowna, BC

Create “A New You” with Vibration Training

Infrared Sauna at Anew Start in Kelowna, BC

Detoxify your body with our Infrared Sauna

Detoxifying foot bath at Anew Start in Kelowna, BC

Enjoy a sense of well-being with our Detoxifying Foot Bath

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