Vibration Training

Vibration Training is effective and easy. Simply stand barefoot on the machine and let Vibrolage do the work for you. With only 10 minutes a day, 3 – 5 days a week, you will see incredible benefits.

Vibrational exercise works by providing a continuous stretch reflex in response to the vibrations sent throughout your body, increasing your blood circulation and metabolism at a much faster rate than conventional training. This results in an increase in strength, energy levels, and bone mass density with a decrease in body fat, cellulite and stress levels.

Vibration training is fun, simple and rejuvenating! No need for special workout wear, no need to break a sweat, no need to struggle to fit us into your day. Whether you are enhancing an existing exercise program, recovering from injury, seeking relief from chronic illness or pain or just find that a traditional gym doesn’t work for you … come in and give Vibration Training a try. We’ll give you 3 free vibrations with no obligation and you’re welcome to bring a friend.

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Vibration Training machine close-up at anew start in Kelowna BC

Vibration Training machine at anew start in Kelowna, BC

Come in and give Vibration Training a try on us!

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